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I really like the concept and gameplay but I think it could use a tutorial of sorts.

Thanks, definitely! :D

Great job! I love the art and sounds! :)

I would suggest to maybe make the game scene or level bigger, because I had some trouble seeing what exactly was going on. (Note that I have no vision impairment). I would also suggest to make the brush bigger so that you can really see what  colour you are on, or maybe instead of changing the colour of it you could change the shape, because again it was hard to see.

Otherwise, great game! Keep up the good work! :D

Simple game but good idea!! Also good art style

Thank you!

good good pagina

Graphics are great, and a the blue, and green enemy mechanic is interesting

Thank you so much for the feedback!

Really fun concept. Good job. I think i got a bit of the bug when i died. it did not actually kill me but the fade in and out screen animation was on loop.

Congrats on your first completed game and your first game jam entry!

Thanks a lot!
I got this bug two some times, thanks for pointing it out! I sadly could not find the problem...