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*Sitting here, wondering why this is tagged 'horror'*


*The realization that I didn't apply the horror tag in the first place, and I left an idiotic comment here*


Well, playing the wrong game can also be kinda scary! :D 
Glad you ended up here.  ;)

Yes... I'm afraid now 'o - o


just finished! awesome game, I really like all the stickers :) the controls were a bit difficult for PC but i'm sure it would be better on mobile. overall great game


Thank you, glad you liked it! *-*
Yeah, we designed the game for mobile! Weren´t able to port it to mobile (yet) tho. :)

What didn't you like about the controls precisely?  Would love to improve it for PC :)


The zoom was a little hard to control, and the turning was pretty sensitive and hard to control as well. For mobile the controls were perfect but on PC they were a bit hard to move exactly.


Okay! Thanks :) Im gonna try to tweak it a bit


Great sticker choice and pretty chill music! Great job on the stylized texturing! 

Thank you very much for the kind words! <3


Great idea, great music, great polishing. Nice game guys´n girls :)

I just seem to click on unwanted stickers when I´m trying to rotate the screen, but thats not a big deal either.

Thanks for the feedback, you are right about that!  :D

Deleted 279 days ago

Yeah!! Congrats!