New Stickers, Bug Fixes and More

More than a week has passed since the Global Game  Jam and we managed to polish the game jam version of Sticker Clicker a bit more!

New Stickers

We now have 150 different stickers in the game! We added new stickers to the game by @thecloudartist, @ZazSaysStuff, and some other friends. 

More Sounds

  • Added screen transition sound
  • Added button sound
  • Added sound feedback to sfx volume slider
  •  Changed "clicked wrong sticker " sound.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed volume slider for sfx
  • Fixed score display bug
  • Removed exit button

Mini Trailer

We also created a minimalistic trailer and published it on YouTube.

Play Now

We are really thankful for the great response we received so far!
We hope that you enjoy the update. Stay safe.

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