This game was created during the Franken Game Jam 2022.

The theme for the jam was "Two worlds". We combined two devices: smartphone and PC to fit this theme.

Hey you! Yeah you! Are you looking for your next love adventure? Then buckle up, because you’re in for a smooth ride to the lover of your dreams. While on your way to cupid you swipe through various hot candidates. Their lovin’ will power you up. To make you’re dating experience more relaxing you steer the love mobile with the dating app.

All you need to start is the App on your phone and the course on your PC.

Have fun and a safe ride!

This game is controlled by opening the mobile version on your smartphone.

  • Paul                 Sound
  • C-P                  Code
  • Lars                 3D Art, Code, UI
  • Linus               2D Art, Code
  • Elli                   2D Art


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no puedo jugar :(. Abro la app en el celu y deslizo las cartas hacia la derecha o izquierda pero solo puedo hacer eso, no puedo manejar bien el auto. No se si es así o yo estoy haciendo algo mal

Sorry to hear that! I can´t tell either. :(



Ridiculous concept, so imaginative. Loved it. Very funny, and a unique take on the theme.

Thank you! <3