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Fireside is a wholesome game about the breaks on a journey. Explore a wilderness as a spirit merchant who wants to make new friends and help fellow travelers.


Fireside is currently in development. If you want to follow our journey and provide us with some feedback feel free to join our discord and wishlist Fireside on Steam by clicking the images below!

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We developed a prototype for Fireside at Stay Safe Jam 2020 and kept the project alive in power-saving mode through the rest of the year. Then in December, we pitched the idea to a panel of industry experts and - after receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback - decided to pursue the project more seriously. In March we received funding from the FFF Bavaria and are working on a prototype for Fireside since April 2021!


Emergo Entertainment

Emergo Entertainment

Emergo Entertainment
StatusIn development
Release date Mar 29, 2020
Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorsLinus Gärtig, caphhe, PaulRdy
GenreAdventure, Strategy
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unity
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Fantasy, Hand-drawn, journey, pastel, Singleplayer, solidarity
Average sessionAbout an hour
AccessibilityOne button
LinksSteam, Twitter, Emergo Entertainment, Twitter, Linus Gärtig

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Hey Linus, that is great! Love the style. Even more awesome that the Quaternion model ;)

Wow! Is this even possible? :D Glad you like it! <3

o jogo é mt top


Thank you. <3
We are currently working on a fresh prototype! :)


lol the first time i see it i tinked it will be a litle simple xd but its a goooOOOOOOOOod game👌


Thaaank you! We are still working on a new version, feel free to hit us up if you got any feedback or suggestions for us! :)

Beautiful but the game is too short for any of your meters to matter.


Thanks for playing and thanks for pointing out!  We are aware of this fact and are working on a new version. There will be more content and longer sessions in the new version! If you want to try future prototypes, head over to Discord! <3

Deleted post

Thank you so much for playing! I enjoyed watching it - as you asked for Feedback: I would have loved some more info about the games and their creators (like the stuff they write on their itch pages). :D
If you would like to try future version of Fireside, head over to our Discord! <3

Deleted post

Ahh gotcha, nice idea.  Get well soon! :) We wish you the best. :D


Beautiful and great music!

Thank yoouuu! <3


very sweet and soothing experience
I loved the music

Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed the experience! :)


this is such a sweet little game! i enjoyed it immensely for the little gametime i could play. however i did have a bit of initial difficulty because i didnt realize that you could use items on yourself at all, and i didn't realize what the wood did. regardless, Fireside does feel homey and cozy, and makes me feel happy :)

Thank you so much for the kind words and the feedback. We are currently lacking any explanation or tutorial thingy, you are right! We just started with further development of Fireside so, new stuff will come!   Feel free to join our Discord an leave some feedback / feature suggestions there!
>   Discord

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There seems to be a little bit of an issue with feeding yourself, as i can bring the food to myself but nothing happens. Could be an issue with my browser or laptop? Other than that, it seems to be a very lovely and calming game!


Thanks for playing!
There is indeed an issue with feeding yourself. It may be that you are unable to use items on yourself depending on the location of your character and we are sorry about that.  We are happy that you enjoyed it anyways. :)

Did you try in the campfire screen or in the map screen? We're working to fix the bug in the campfire screen :) Map screen should be working fine.


I was doing it on the campfire screen. I tried it just now on the map screen, and it works just fine. Thank you very much!


drop it not on you, but on the place you are standing at. Tried to solve this problem too)


Liked the game, the soundtrack is really on point. The game makes you feel like you really are alone and striving for some companions. I would improve the overall gameplay by making it clearer what you need to do. Simple fixes like lighting up interactable objects and things like that.

Thanks for trying our game!   
You are right, the gameplay needs to be improved! - Thanks for the feedback and the suggestions.


Awesome game! We featured it in our latest video! You can check it out here if you’re interested!

Awesome - Thanks for playing! :D 

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Hey Linus, really nice! One little point of feedback, the text is a little bit difficult to read sometimes, maybe just make it fully black? And maybe it would be cool to be able to click to the next bit of text, so the player does not have to wait until the next sentence is displayed.

Apart from that - cool relaxing thing you made there, cheers!

Thanks for the feedback!  We really appreciate it! :)
Yeah clicking on the text may be a good idea so you can read in your own paste. :)

I like the atmosphere. The music and all the subtle animations of the trees on the map and especially at the campside made the game feel like a memory of being in nature. Very calm but full of life and wonder. I travelled alone until day 5 - because i went to sleep immediately each evening - but at day 6 a bunch of people joined me at the campfire and i realised that i can share my stuff with them, which was a very heartwarming moment. In times like these, even the little things can make you happy :) 

Awesome that you had a nice experience with the game! You never know whom you meet. Everybody is on a journey for  themselves but taking a short moment and getting together around the campfire is a nice way to share your stories about each others  journey!