Wishlist Fireside on Steam

Greetings travelers,

did you already know that Fireside has a Steam-Page by now? You did? Nice.
Did you wishlist Fireside yet? No? Well, you can do that now on Steam if you would like to support us.

Wishlist Fireside on Steam

Wishlisting Fireside on Steam helps us boost our visibility! This is important as there are thousands of games on Steam, but also since it's an important metric for publishers to gauge interest in a game. So if you're interested in Fireside, do not hesitate to follow the link and wishlist Fireside! You will also get notified if a new playtest is available. As you may have read in our last Devlog - Results of the latest Fireside Playtest - letting you guys test our game helped us a lot. You provide valuable feedback and found a lot of bugs. Thanks again for your support!

We will also be posting our Devlogs on Steam too. No worries, we will keep you posted here as well.  We are just sharing things on more channels. Yet, the best channel to interact with us is Discord

Join the Fireside Discord

That´s it for today! We just wanted to share this information with you quickly.
Have a great day!

Safe travels,

- Your Fireside Team

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