Finishing the Prototype

Hey everybody, it's time for another Fireside update! Since GamesCom we've been hard at work implementing your feedback and finishing the Fireside prototype. So let's take a look back and see what we've achieved so far!

We started prototype development back in April with the confidence that Fireside's atmosphere and setting are unique and a great start to build a game around. Since then, we've iterated the game's mechanics and collected tons of feedback getting closer to our vision of developing a non-violent game about the breaks on a journey!

Originally, we had planned on releasing a playable & polished version by the end of September. We beat this deadline by releasing a testable version of Fireside by GamesCom in August! It was a great opportunity to gather your feedback and also some wishlists on steam ;) However, this version is still lacking additional polish, progression and some content.

This is what we're working on and are on track to finish by the end of October, which means there is another playtest coming by November. Currently, 47 of you are waiting to test Fireside which is a huge honor for us! You can sign up to get notified once we release the new version of the game for free on steam.

So what are the concrete things we're adding to Fireside in the coming version?

Firstly, the game is getting a new screen: The house screen. This is where the main progression of Fireside takes place! As a spirit, you and your sibling are rebuilding an old way station which is the overarching goal of Fireside. To do this, you must gather materials in the wilderness which is why you go on trips.

You can send materials to your house via shrines that are scattered around different fireplaces and are connected to the big shrine at your house via the powers of spirit magic! You get materials by trading with NPCs and exploring the world. Use these materials to upgrade your house, blackboard, shrine, storage, and fireplace.

Each upgraded element influences your powers as a spirit enabling you to make longer trips, carry more items, have visitors at your home, and store more items. Since this version of the game is a prototype where you start in the middle of the game, the progression will be far from the final product. However, it should give you an idea of what to expect from the full game loop and allow us to test said loop, including a sense of progression!

Additionally, we're adding three new characters to the game! You've already been able to talk to Lady Hellmuth in the current version but her sprite was a placeholder. Here's her concept now! The lady knight wields a lance instead of a sword, which in our opinion is overrepresented in video games! Explore her home - the castle in the swamp - and help her retrieve something important. Here's a later stage concept for Lady H. We've already made our decision for hair, helmet & pants colors but we're curious: What would you have gone with?

Next is Todd the fox with his cubs. The caring father should have been a bear in some earlier concepts, but after receiving your feedback and considerable influence by Twitch chat we decided to make him a fox instead! After all, foxes are unbelievably cute (as a wise man once said). You're can help him retrieve his cubs which unfortunately got scattered all across the forest!

And the final traveler who's joining the cast of Buzzy, Sir Loins, Lady H., Owl, and Todd in the forest is none other than Hazel the lumberjack. Here's one of her final concepts! She doesn't mean anyone harm but is set on chopping down some trees which Owl (the guardian spirit of the forest) is opposed to! Mediating this conflict will be at the core of your journey through the forest.

So yeah - we're super excited to share the finished prototype with you and gather some more feedback. After we finish this all that's left is to finish the rest of Fireside! That means, developing at least two more regions similar to the forest so you can enjoy around 8 hours of playtime in the final game! Getting to this point has taken uns 6,5 months and it's been quite the journey so far! We're looking forward to you staying with us and following the further development of Fireside! Cheers!

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