Thank you for playtesting Fireside at Gamescom 2021!

Gamescom has passed and it's been quite the ride for us! It was the first time showcasing the current version of Fireside publicly. And while nothing beats meeting you in person and seeing your reactions to the game, we've done our best to get your feedback via analytics.

By the Numbers

Out of the 176 (104 on Steam, 72 on itch) of you who downloaded Fireside, 79 started the game and stayed engaged for about 21 minutes on average. Especially the last metric is a positive sign for us since everyone's time is valuable and playing from home doesn't add any artificial pressure for you to play the game. So we can assume, you had fun for an average of twenty minutes! That's awesome!

We also asked you to rate the prototype and those of you who decided to channel their inner critics gave us decent grades. Scoring a 75/100 for gameplay, 81/100 for atmosphere and 80/100 overall would put us in the top 50 of games released this year according to meta critic! To be fair, this comparison doesn't work, since I assume you rated Fireside in its nature as a prototype and not as a full game. Still, it's good to know you liked your experience!

So now the ball is back in our court. Your feedback from playing the game as well as conversations with publishers are very valuable to us. We've got new ideas, confirmed suspicions, and rejected hypotheses. So we're going to buckle down and continue working on the vertical slice for Fireside! If you want to continue to help us in the way you've been doing, remember to leave us a follow here on itch. The next playtest will come soon (tm).

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