Moving Forward with Fireside

Hey everybody,

when we started working on Fireside for the Stay Safe Jam, we certainly didn't expect to be publishing this developer update after the jam finishes. Having done many (I'd say over 50) game jams across the team, we've never experienced the kind of overwhelming positive feedback for a jam project you've let us see and hear this past week! Over 1000 people have played our game in just one week! 

This is why we've decided to develop fireside into a full release! We want to keep the scope small so we're able to finish a first version  quickly and stay in contact with you for feedback.

You can stay connected by adding Fireside to your collection on, joining our Discord server, and following us on Twitter! We will be sharing regular updates in both places!

The team behind Fireside is Emergo Entertainment plus Linus Gärtig doing art & animation and Matthias Meeh composing and producing the soundtrack. Since most of us are still studying, this will be a part-time project. Still, we have experience finishing small-scoped side-projects while at university and are confident that we can polish Fireside into a great experience.

For now, we've implemented much of the feedback you had for the game jam version of Fireside. The improved version is playable as of now in your browser! The main focus of our development will be to improve the gameplay while staying focused on the quiet moments in between adventures. For more details we will be posting a separate update next week! 

So stay connected and help us make Fireside a game which shows how solidarity can turn the breaks in between adventures into special moments!

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