What's next?

We’re back with a new devlog! We went silent in January with our streams & devlogs since we were focusing on two things: applying for funding and expanding the team. This required our full attention. And while the results of our efforts in receiving funding are still pending, applying for funding required us to work on many of the details we mentioned in our developer log back in December. Based on this work we will be introducing you to the nuances of Fireside’s design in the coming weeks, so you can get an even better idea of what we’ve got planned!

But before we do that, we’ve got to introduce you to our newest team member! Drumroll, please… 


*cymbal crash*

*epic entry*

Joining us as our writer and local word wizard will be Ilona

Not only is she technically a grandmaster in vocabulary, but she’s also worked on the amazing games Passing By & Hooks and Loops where she was responsible for writing many wholesome characters and stories! A perfect fit for Fireside! We’re very excited to be working with Ilona and to channel our collective creative energy towards the creation of this game.

We’ve worked on a bunch of topics in making the design of Fireside more concrete and we want to know in what area you’re interested in hearing our approach:

  • The game’s economy
  • The regions you can explore
  • How we conducted market research
  • A second look at our dialogue system

Leave us a comment on what area you’d be interested in us covering. Until then we’re looking forward to you joining us on Discord see you there!


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Sounds great! Welcome to the project, Ilona! I‘d like to know more about the economy of the game in the next posting, if possible :)

We will keep that in mind! :)
Thanks for your suggestion! :D

If you did not see it yet... we wrote about the  trading / economy system!