How You Could Help to Develop the Narrative of Fireside

As we mentioned in our recent developer log we're looking for a writer to join our team for Fireside. We're thrilled that five of you already have expressed interest in joining the team! Currently, we're working on a process on how to make an informed decision. Because transparency is very important to us and because working together is obviously a decision made by us as well as the person joining the team, we're sharing our expectations, plans for the project as well as the team's skillset and what you can expect from us in this post.

Who we're looking for

We've communicated that we're looking for a writer. This is the most important hard skill we're looking for. Someone who can write distinctive dialogue and interesting quest descriptions underlining the wholesome atmosphere of the game. Fireside will require a lot of written text and we're looking for someone whose passion is to create this type of content.

However, we're a small team. This means you're also going to have a great amount of creative agency in developing the story world and NPCs personalities. Please read the December developer log so you get an idea of Firesides' design. Developing a world and characters around this design together with Linus will be your second task. If you want to be called "narrative director" on Fireside that's also a good description for the role you're going to fill!

What we're offering

Let's get the obligatory disclaimer out of the way first. Fireside is a passion project. Nobody in the team is getting paid (yet). What we're offering is our skillset so we can hopefully make an awesome game together. We do have some ideas on how to fund the project but are following a bootstrapping approach. Fireside isn't a full-time matter for any of us (yet) and we have no solid reason to believe it will be in the near future. However, we're passionate about the project and recognize the value of getting a game out there. So here's the team:

Art & Game Design: Linus is a talented artist & student looking to release his first game "Lost Drone" in 2021. Check out his page for prototypes and small projects he's been a part of.

Programming: Carl-Philipp (CP) has been working as a software developer at Softec AG and founded Emergo Entertainment together with Paul. He's also worked as an intern at Handy Games on their game Aces of the Luftwaffe.

Programming & Management: Paul was the developer for Reblob and Mind Twist Memo two puzzle games for android. He's well connected in the German games industry. Together with CP, he's working on establishing Emergo Entertainment as a service provider for 3D visualizations.

Sound & Music: Matthias works as a technical music editor at Dynamedion and has many years of experience as a musician and composed soundtracks for games & short movies.

Project Plans

Up until December our plans for Fireside were modest. Make a game we can release as a portfolio project on steam. After we got some very positive feedback from the experts at the Games / Bavaria X-Mas pitching we've now increased our ambitions and want to invest more time and effort into Fireside.

The first step will be to apply for funding through government grants. Depending on the success and how the project continues to evolve we intend to look for publishers for Fireside after the initial funding phase.

The plan right now is for Emergo Entertainment (the studio founded by CP & Paul) to be the developing entity of Fireside. If we go through with this, the money secured by the first round of funding will be partially distributed to the team via service contracts if the first stage funding succeeds and depending on how we decide to invest our money & time. For any further funding, we aren't sure yet on how to continue but for a writer/narrative lead the business relationship to Emergo Entertainment will most likely stay on a service contract base. This contract will include a 1/5th share of Emergo's profit from the game. The reason we're not putting this higher is that Fireside might still end up being a portfolio project if funding or the search for a publisher goes poorly.

It is important to restate here that at this point, Fireside is still a passion project and has not secured any funding yet. We started developing this game because we simply love our craft (programming, art, sound). This continues to be our main motivation and in the near future, Fireside won't be a full-time project for any of us. However, we don't know what the future holds, and maybe we'll be in the privileged position to increase our ambitions even further. Time will tell.

So, if you're interested please send an e-mail to and include some examples of your previous writing work (Englisch and/or German). We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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